Dropped Kerbs

Due to increasing pressure on parking, many people consider the option of converting private garden ground into a driveway

For many people, parking outside their own home can be both a cause of stress and come at a financial cost if you need to pay for a resident’s permit.

In certain urban areas, it can still be tricky to find a place to leave your car close to home.

If parking is tight, you might consider converting your front lawn to create your own guaranteed, private, off-road parking space.

If you are thinking of turning your front garden into a parking spot, you will probably need to drop the kerb to allow vehicles to drive easily and safely on to your new driveway.

The pavement may need to be strengthened in front of the property, and in some cases, it may be necessary for lampposts, manhole covers and other street furniture to be moved.

You should first contact your local council to ask if you need planning permission.